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Classic Throttle EFI Kits by Competition Systems

We love classic cars. We just don't enjoy the way they behave sometimes.




New technology wrapped in old skool kool

A range of solutions to making old cars look right and go even better. Using Jenveys tried and trusted DCOE replacement throttle bodies and Competition Systems technical and tuning experience, a range of kits is available for retro fitting modern EFI to older engines.

These are properly engineered systems with ease of fitment and long term durabiliy in mind. The performance improvement is significant over multiple Webers and even greater over centralised carb setups. Driveability is also hugely improved due to better mixture formation and much greater ignition power and control.

We also have over a decade worth of experience in fitting these kits and installation and tuning can be done by us in house providing a complete turn key solution. The Classic Throttle kits are equally at home in high performance or racing cars.

Air filters aren't included as this can depend on the application. On many models, the original air filter/air box can be utilised, adding to the authentic look.

CKFD03 dwg sideTypical Kit Contents

Multi throttle intake kit with throttle bodies and inelt manifold

Fuel rails, fuel pressure regulators and fuel pump

Emtron SL4 or SL8 ECU

Rebuilt distributor with internal crank and cam sensors

High power IGN1A ignition coil

Competition Systems Club Spec Wiring Harness

Temperature, pressure and throttle position sensors