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ETS Race Fuels now in stock.

ets-race-fuel-drumsETS Race Fuels combines years of research and development with premium grade ingredients to produce a range of championship winning fuels. Competition Systems is now home to the entire range available in 20, 53 and 200 litre drums.


A History of Excellence

Since the creation in 1989 as Esso Research Center subsidiary, ETS has always been actively implicated in the racing environment.

ETS has established themselves as an official fuel supplier with the Peugeot 905 program at the mythical 24 hours of Le Mans endurance race.

Since becoming independent in 1997, ETS took the opportunity to bring its skills to other motorsport racing disciplines and opened up to new clients.

Animated by the passion of Motorsport, the ETS team develops products and services improving continuously, in order to meet customers needs.

ETS has the skill to assist their customers with engine and chassis dyno tests, to optimize settings. ETS's goal is the victory of the teams using ETS Racing Fuels.

Results speak for themselves:

More than 15 World Championship Titles, in disciplines such as Superbike, Moto GP and Motocross Racing, Jet Ski & Rally.

Strong and long term partnerships are the reflect of ETS abilities:

  • Suberbike & Supersport:          Team Factory Honda Tenkate since 2003
  • Motocross:                              Team Factory Suzuki GRP Geboers since 2003

                                              Team Factory KTM US

                                              Team Factory KTM Europe

  • Rally Auto IRC/ERC:                 Team Factory SCODA, Team Peugeot Sport
  • Jet Ski:                                   Team Victory Dubai

To achieve such results, ETS Racing Fuels decided to use a very different method than its competitors, often more expensive:


The ETS Racing Fuels blending factory is certified ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. Our Methods of blending and production, supply and delivery, are subject to regular audits from external agencies.

Each Production batch is analyzed by an independent laboratory to certify the fuel quality and specification compliance.

The ETS "small batches manufacturing policy" avoids any long term storage, which ensures "fresh" product.

The Range

Extra Max

The latest developement from ETS. This fuel was developed due to a high demand for a good performance fuel at a competitive price. With its octane numbers and its high Oxygen content, EXTRA MAX will offer great performance. For Atmo and Turbo Engines and perfect for sports cars, especially GT3.

102RON 90MON 3.6% Oxygen SG0.753

Available in 53 lt. & 200 lt. Drums


ETS Racing Fuel 100MA-3 is a Motorcycling Australia homologated fuel for use in Motocross and Supercross Racing.

100RON 88MON Oxygenated

Available in 20 lt., 53 lt. & 200 lt. Drums


The ETS Historic Cars Race Fuel is especially blended for engines with high compression ratio or high turbo pressure. This Race Fuel is very well suitable for Historic Cars as its very safe in term of storage and is not aggressive on the engine. The ETS Race Fuel Historic Cars contains oxygen components, which are not aggressive with old engine technologies. Contains potassium additive to replace leaded fuel and protects against engine valve seat wear. Historic Cars Race Fuel complies with the FIA appendix 2014 Regulations..

Available in 53 lt. & 200 lt. Drums