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High Performance Pierburg fuel pumps

Pierburg brandstofpompen 1 0001Pierburg has really carried on with the development of the high performance electric fuel pump when other companies have stalled. The E3 range of pressure and lift pumps is already used in many successful GT3 and touring cars.





The E3L is the new standard for high performance EFI fuel pumps. With a slim line housing, rotary vane pump cell and efficient motor, these pumps give more flow and pressure for less current consumption than anything before. Pressure rated to up to 10 bar and with flow ratings up to 360LPH at 5 bar, these can deal with either turbo or atmo applications.

The E1S is a mighty little lift pump, ideal for intank use to feed a swirl pot. They are also very compact and typically use no more than 2-2.5A of current.

Although the E3L pumps are self priming, we always recommend the use of lift pumps to provide a head of pressure to avoid cavitation at high demand.

Ordering Details

PI700228510 - High Performance EFI Pump 360LPH

PI722156500 - High Performance EFI Pump 190LPH

PI721088620 - High Performance Lift Pump 200LPH