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Chassissim Update - Version 3.25 with full electric vehicle simulation released

RPM Volt MapIn keeping with the Chassissim ethos of staying several leaps in front of the competition, V3.25 now includes a full electric vehicle simulation mode as well as a number of other enhancements.








Lots of new features, all explained in this video




Latest additions

Electric Vehicle Simulation

 In addition to modelling KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems), ChassisSim now also models fully electric powered vehicles. This allows full simulation of energy consumption and recovery as well as cell life and the ability to do all of this over a multiple lap run. Perfect for Formula E teams and anyone else wanting to 

Total circuit generator

 Makes creating circuit models even quicker. Now the curvature file, bump profile and altitude/road camber files can all be generated together.

Bump profile names can now be specified

 Now a custom name can be specified before the profile is generated. Saves time by not requiring you to go back and rename the bumpprofile.dat file that earlier versions created.

Braking limits can now be defined as a function of distance


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