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CGS2 Moto Flat Shift KIts from SP Electronics

MotoX Toe PegThe CGS2 (Cluthchless Gear Shift) is a break through in gear shift systems combing light weight and rugged construction with an easy to use control box that gets you running in minutes. Now the CGS2 is available for battery-less igntiion systems allowing it to be used on dirt bikes of all makes and models.



The CGS2 allows lightning fast clutchless gear shifts without causing damage to the gear box or undue strain on the chain and sprockets, all while still on full throttle. This is really a great bit of kit that packs many of the same features we have available in the Nemesis TCS units and the Marelli SBK electronic systems.


The kit consists of four main components

The toe peg sensor, which replaces the one on the stock gear shift. This sends a signal to the control unit when you start to click the gear lever for an upchange.

Sensore OR Kawasaki 001


The control unit which is a small box with an LCD display on it. This can mount pretty much anywhere on the bike (best located out of harms way from flying debris and water) and controls the duration of the gear shift cut by sending a signal to the ignition controller stopping the CDI unit from generating spark. This can also be linked to a throttle position sensor to give s softer longer cut on part throttle or lower RPM.

eBox CGS2 001

An ingition control unit that interrrupts the spark  coming from the ingition coil when commanded to by the CGS2 control unit.

MGA 001

And a wiring harness complete with handle bar switches to disable the system when riding at slow speeds.

Cablaggio OR CGS1 001

The entire kit only weighs 300 grams and the control units aren't very big at all, so mounting them is no problem. Configuration of the unit is done by the push buttons on the CGS2 box and it's a fairly simple sequence of setting the ignition cut times.


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