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BF1 Systems Garage Monitoring System

Garage Monitor System Bgbf1systems' new Garage Monitoring System allows teams to monitor the status of up to 240 tyres in and around the garage area at once.


A must have for all endurance racing teams!




Long distance racing presents some significant challenges in tyre management. In conjunction with fuel and drivers, they represent one of the three major variables that need to be managed come pit stop time. To make the tyre question even more interesting


Using the permit list and position files already with teams, the PC software monitors the pressure, temperature and remaining battery life of sensors in the immediate vicinity of the pits and displays sensor data in an easy to read format on the screen, and alerts engineers if a tyre breaches a pre-determined warning limit.


Ideal for teams involved in long distance racing where multiple tyre sets have to be managed simultaneously.


Garage Monitor 001