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M197 Ducati Replacement ECU

M197 001The M197 is a must have for anyone who's serious about Ducati performance. With mayfeatures that even big name aftermarket ECU's don't have, this is the easiest plug and play ECU on the market with a full range of maps to suit late model Ducatis.



Real Ducati Performance Doesn't Get Any Easier

This is both an injection and ignition control sytem, expressly developed to be employed on many DUCATI bike models, as a replacement for the original ECU. All the original functions are kept (including the traction control in relevant models) and the installation is as easy as removing one and plugging in the M197.

The heart of the system is the MPC5534 Power PC from Freescale that with a core clock of 80Mhz, providing high calculation performances. Full parameters costumization allows to employ this module in different working conditions.

The unit is provided with two identical pre-charged maps, suited for the bike model chosen.


Real Ducati Performance You Can Feel


Ducati Hypermotard


Graph hypermotard


Ducati Monster S4R


Graph MonsterS4R



All of these models are fully supported:

Hypermotard 1100
Monster 400
Monster 620
Monster 695
Monster 750
Monster 800
Monster 900
Monster 1000
Monster S2R 800
Monster S2R 1000
Monster S4
Monster S4R
Multistrada 620
Multistrada 1000
Multistrada 1100
Superclassic GT1000
Superclassic Paulsmart 1000
Superclassic Sport 1000
Sport Turing ST2
Sport Turing ST3
Sport Turing ST4
Street Fighter 1098
Super Bike 749
Super Bike 848
Super Bike 998
Super Bike 999
Super Bike 1098
Super Bike 1098R
Super Bike 1198
Super Sport 620
Super Sport 750
Super Sport 800
Super Sport 900
Super Sport 1000


software imagesThis unit is fully compatible with the original DUCATI dashboard, and many other functions are available as options:
- High speed shift feature
- Auto mapping feature (M163 lambda sensor kit required)
- Drop switch
- Data acquisition on CAN line. Check out our Track Pack data lgging systems for the Superbike range.admin

By means of an included adapter, the unit can be connected to an USB port of a common Windows PC. A 3D Windows application, is designed for customize and moni-tor all the system paramenters. The external BOX is constituted by a black plastic cover and an aluminum back. Four fixing points are provided to permit a simple installation on the original DUCATI support.

Technical Data

Mechanical dataDimensions 125 x 50 x 40
BOX Plastic / Aluminum
Connettors MAIN: 2 x 38
AUX: 1 x 8 AMP 040 Multilock
Weight 270g
Analog 8
Digital 10
UEGO Lambda sensor 1
NBEGO Lambda sensor 2
Inductive Pick-up 1
Wheel speed 1
Water/Oil temp 1
Battery Level 1
Injectors drivers 4
Coil drivers 2
Idle valve 1
Water pump 1
Fuel pump 1
Fan 1
Lights 1


CAN line 1Mbit/s (PC / Data Acquisition) 1
CAN line 125Kbit/s (Dashboard) 1
Electrical data
Power supply 8 - 18Vdc
Temperature range -20 - 85°C
Management software
Windows application MON197, with 3D maps viewer