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Variohm ELP Linear Position Sensors

ELP webA range of miniature linear potentiometers designed to operate in extreme conditions, all sensors are fitted with ‘O’ ring sealed shafts to provide IP67 sealing. Various connector types and internal electronics which are not sensitive to moisture ingress.






Typical uses are ‘suspension movement’, steering angle, throttle position, etc. This specially modified version uses larger 5mm rod ends, for longer life and to retain compatibility with existing installations.

The compact size of the ELP series makes them ideal for shock and fork position sensing in competition motor bike applications. Typically a 50-75mm unit is used on the rear and a 150mm on the fork.

Common applications include damper position, throttle position, steering angle, clutch travel, etc.


Mechanical Characteristics

Casing                                         Black anodized aluminum

Max Shaft speed                          10m/sec

Sealing                                         IP67

Linearity                                      /-0.5%

Life expectancy                           >25 million cycles

Temp range                                -40 to 100C

Mechanical stroke                      Electrical 1.5mm


Stroke (mm) 25 50 75 100
Resistance ( - 20%) 2.5K 5K 7.5K 10K
Retracted distance (mm) 110 149 175 205


ELP dwg 01


Ordering Details


ELP Linear Position Sensor 12,5mm stroke    


ELP Linear Position Sensor 25mm stroke


ELP Linear Position Sensor 50mm stroke - Ideal rear SBK rear shock


ELP Linear Position Sensor 75mm stroke - Ideal for rear SBK shock


ELP Linear Position Sensor 100mm stroke - Ideal for Dallara and other F3 shock position


ELP Linear Position Sensor 150mm - Ideal for SBK front fork position