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The Marvel is here

Podium HondaOnce the domain of well funded factory teams, the Marvel series of ECU's has set the benchmark for all of the others to chase for many years. Competition Systems now brings you the most powerful engine control system range commercially available.




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The Marvel series of ecu's encompasses three main models, Marvel 4, Marvel 8 and Marvel 12. At their core they are based on the same architecture but their features and applications are unique.

Marvel 4 has become the "must have" ecu for any successful bike team. Packed with features including it's famed traction control, Marvel 4 is compact, robust and immensely flexible.



Marvel4Marvel 4

The mainstay of Superbike and MotoGP teams, the Marvel 4 combines massive data logging capability with Marelli's famed traction control and a massive data logger into a small, robust aluminum enclosure.






Marvel8Marvel 8

The choice of the FIA GT Championship. The Marvel 8 can control 16 injectors making staged, sequential injection on a naturally aspirated V8 a reality.







Marvel12Marvel 12

The big daddy of them all. The Marvel 12 can handle anything up to a V12, with double injectors!