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Magneti Marelli DDU310DL128

Packed with high tech features and a great looking colour TFT display, the DDU310 is the most advanced dash logger on the market.




The most notable feature of the DDU series of displays is the stunning full colour 6.2" TFT screen. With this screen you can design completely custom layouts over up to ten pages including hidden "Mechanic" pages. It also allows for very noticeable alarm pages, especially when combined with the programmable warning lights at the top of the housing.



The data logger table is no different to any other Marelli logger or ECU as has been the case for about ten years, or at least since the advent of the SRAE on the market. The DDU is also not a new kid on the block, but a well proven product since it's first appearance in the Ferrari F430 Challenge in 2005.


The data logger is configured via Axon using easy drag and drop channel list libraries (CLL), available for all Marelli products. Other CLL's are available from Competition Systems on request for other manufacturers products or the adventurous can make their own using Sysfiles.


The dash layout is a seperate file which is also configured in Axon.


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