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Chassissim Lap Simulation Software

ChassisSim is one of the worlds most advanced and accurate vehicle simulation packages. It is used in numerous professional open wheeler, sports car and touring car classes arond the world by teams looking for the edge.

If you want the best possible performance from your car, ChassisSim simulation is the ultimate tool. It will give you the information you need to maximize your car's performance for any given track. 


Cost Effective

As the costs of competing in motorsport continue to climb, ChassisSim allows you to do all the testing you want, for absolutely no cost except your own time.

A day's testing at a racetrack can cost thousands in labour,  time and running costs. With ChassisSim you can test your car 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for no cost. This kind of testing can mean the difference between winning and losing. And, whether you’re a novice weekend driver, or a seasoned pro, we have versions of ChassisSim to suit every competitor, and every team.

The Perfect Driver

Unlike most of its competitors, ChassisSim works by driving the car to its absolute capacity. It’s like the perfect driver is piloting your chassis, ensuring you get the absolute most out of your vehicle.

In this way, it also functions as the ultimate driver training tool; drivers will know exactly where to brake, turn in and apply the throttle. It will show where those precious tenths of a second can be gained, as well as quickly revealing the effect of any setup changes on the car’s performance.


The results of ChassisSim can be viewed and analysed in several different data acquisition packages. This allows team engineers, mechanics and drivers to analyse every parameter of your car’s performance and quickly validate the results by comparing it to actual data. The data acquisition packages currently supported are Digitek Dataview, Magneti Marelli Wintax3 and Wintax4, PI V6 Analysis Pro, Pi Toolbox Pro, Motec Interpereter and I2, and Bosch WinDarab.

More Value

ChassisSim isn't just another race car simulation package that only produces lap time predictions and data outputs. ChassisSim has a complete range of toolboxes that you can add to accurately test every component of the car that affects its performance - anti roll bars, shock absorbers, ride heights, gear ratios, engine power, wings etc.


7 Post Rig Analysis

Auto Bump Generation

Aero Modelling

Tyre Force Modelling

Optimisation Toolbox 1: Aero

Optimisation Toolbox 2: Mech

Optimisation Toolbox 3: Dampers


Elite Online



This is the full version of ChassisSim, including all the toolboxes. This version allows component and set up testing at its most advanced level. Its capabilities are perfectly suited to component designers and engineers involved in vehicle dynamic research.