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Jenvey Heritage Throttle Bodies

photo 30 01 2017 09 44 56 1Classic look with modern performance. The Heritage range of throttle bodies provides the classic look of a sidedraught carburettor with the  modern performance of state of the art fuel injection.

Classic Looks

From the high quality aluminum casting to the brass thumbscrew, Heritage range throttle bodies faithfully reproduce the engine bays of yesterday. We also have period accessories like stainless steel throttle blinkage kit, reproduction air horns and mesh top air filters.

There are no jerks, flat spots or surges, just a rich, smooth flow of torque from idle speed to high revs. It feels fabulous, as if every hydrocarbon molecule is contributing something useful and the throttle response is instant. It’s hard to imagine how a Marek straight-six could run more efficiently than this. Point proven and mission accomplished!

Review by John Simister of Vantage Magazine, following his drive of the Aston Martin DB5 used for the development of the Jenvey Heritage Throttle Bodies.

The advantages of modern, electronic fuel injected intake systems are simply too hard (and too numerous) to ignore, with some of the key facets being a reliable, unbroken flow of air, extremely accurate control via advanced standalone ECUs, easy starting in all seasons, and of course, more power and economy. The sole downside on a classic installation, up until now, has always been the aesthetic – something that the Jenvey Heritage Throttle Body solves with its retrospective exterior design and exquisite engineering.


Will it work on my....?

These units are designed to work on any car running DCOE carburetors, allowing for the system requirements detailed below.

What else is required to complete the conversion?

The main additional item required is an aftermarket ECU and wiring loom. The system has been developed to be used with any standalone ECU. A high pressure (3 bar / 42PSI) fuel feed will be required. See our fuel system recommendations in this article. Filtration and throttle cable installation will also be necessary.

Competition Systems has long experience in retro fitting EFI to classic cars. Our Classic Throttle rage of EFI retro fits covers a wide range and includes a custom built distributor, fuel system, Emtron engine control unit and custom wiring harness. Please contact us for more information in a complete Classic Throttle conversion at our workshop.

Where is the fuel rail?

The fuel rail is contained within the lid, which also clamps the injectors in place.

What fuel injectors do I need?

The injectors are specific Bosch units selected to fit this application at 350 cc/min. We have different capacity injectors available in many different rates, please contact us for more details.

What throttle position sensor do I need?

The Throttle Position Sensor is built into the unit, so is supplied as part of the Throttle Body. This is a high quality non-contact sensor which will give many miles of trouble free service.

Is it sidedraft or downdraft?

It fits directly to the sidedraft DCOE flange - being fuel injected it can run at any angle including upside down. Please note, we have a variety of other Throttle Bodies to suit all applications including IDA, IDF, DCNF and custom solutions.

Are any engine mods required?

No specific engine mods are required and with correct sizing and engine calibration tehy will work on a wide variety of stock engines.

What sizes are available?

40, 45 and 48mm are available, soon after 40 will also be added to the range. All the bores are parallel without the requirement for venturis.

Will the throttle bodies work with forced induction?

Yes, please advise this when you purchase.

What improvement will I get over Carbs?

Development has shown massive torque gains at the bottom end with significant power gains at the top end. Fuel economy has been up to 50% improved and emissions have been drastically improved. Alongside very good starting and rock solid idle. (Please note back to back testing was done with a very well setup carbureted car with a system developed over many years.) Inconjunction with our Classic Throttle EFI kits using Emtron engine control units and genione Bosch wideband lambda sensors, we have been able to mimick moern levels of driveability and economy.