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Chassissim Setup Service

B12H 2014 Finish CroppedSimulation without proper correlation is pure specualtion.

Need to step up your chassis development? Think you have an aero problem? And what the hell are your tyres doing anyway? Chassissim can help answer questions your race car raises in a simple to use spreadsheet and you own track data to verify where problems lie and areas that can be improved on.


How do you make setup decisions?

Rule of thumb? Copying what others do? Hearsay from toolbox talk?

All of these methods lead to good followers, not winners. By bringing the power of transient lap simulation into your motorsport program, you can stay a step ahead of the others and let them follow for once.

This is what you should be basing your setups on, real numbers derived from simulation.


Setup Spreadsheet 01Accelerated work flows = Steeper learning curve

Lap simulation is not a magic bullet, it's an additional tool required for ultimate speed. Using laptime simulation gets you intimately acquainted with your car and what it needs for maximum performance.

All of the power of Chassissim in an easy to use pay as you go online system

Don't get hysterical, it's not the cloud. We run a version of Chassissim called the Online version. You can actually open and use Chassissim up until the point you need to run a simulation or Toolbox routine. At this point, Chassissim deducts a credit from you account. Your files stay securely on your laptop and no one has access to them.

Exports straight into your existing data logging package

All of the major data logging software packages are supported, making comparison with your real world testing simple.


“We have been using ChassisSim for 5 years now, and it has helped us with development through 3 generations of GP2 cars, always giving good results that are repeatable on track. The facility to build circuit maps with bump profiles enables you to fine tune suspension setting, and run through a test/race program before going to the event to make sure you are always operating in the performance window of the car when you are on track. We were able to simulate and spot a braking stability problem that a certain suspension set-up gave, which helped us understand and rectify the problem quickly, I would recommend any serious race team to use ChassisSim to keep the competitive edge.”

-Gavin Jones – iSport Race Engineer

"ChassisSim is an excellent product. It is powerful, accurate, and allows the user to fully control all aspects of the model, which is exactly what top level teams need."

-Patrick Coorey, GP2 Race Engineer

 "Chassissim has been instrumental in coming to grips with new GT3 cars as they appeared over the years. It's such a powerful engineering tool that quite often we knew more abou the car than the people who built it."

- Patrick Cahill - GT3/LMP3 Race Engineer

“Having used several commercially available simulation packages including Pi Sim, AeroLap, ADAMS and ChassisSim over the past 7 years, I have chosen and will continue to choose ChassisSim as my primary simulation package for track simulations and sensitivity studies. With the ability to model stability, inertia, damping and track surface roughness ChassisSim adds a necessary dimension to racecar simulation in an affordable package that is lacking in many other simulation suites. Simply put, ChassisSim goes beyond simply setting ride heights and selecting gear ratios - it will take your simulation work to the next level and beyond. To top it all off, Danny Nowlan - owner of ChassisSim - provides the most comprehensive and accessible customer service that I have ever experienced - both within and outside the motorsports realm.”

-Scott Raymond Race Engineer - Dale Coyne Racing (Indycar Series) Professor of Motorsports Engineering Technology - Indiana University Perdue University Indianapolis