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Jaguar E-Type gets the Heritage treatment.
04 Apr 2018 02:46

This beautiful E-Type has even better manners now it's fitted with Jenvey Heritage throttle bodies.  [ ... ]

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Jenvey Heritage Throttle Bodies
31 Jan 2018 23:14Jenvey Heritage Throttle Bodies

Classic look with modern performance. The Heritage range of throttle bodies provides the classic loo [ ... ]

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Chassissim Setup Service
07 Sep 2017 05:22Chassissim Setup Service

Need to step up your chassis development? Think you have an aero problem? And what the hell are your [ ... ]

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Emtron Motorsport ECU range
30 Jan 2017 04:32Emtron Motorsport ECU range

Emtron Australia's range of motorsport ECU's pack a ton of features and represent the best value on  [ ... ]

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ORECA - The Motorsport Company
30 Jan 2017 00:42ORECA - The Motorsport Company

More than ever, the ORECA Group is committed to its core business, Motorsports. The ORECA Store [ ... ]

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Texense LSU49 Lambda Module

The LSU49-5V is an analog output lambda module which conv...

Double Effect Quickshift Sensor - Digital Output

Senses gear shift force in both push and pull directions ...

Bosch Motorsport ABS M4 Porsche Kit
Call for Price: +613-8743-5550

The ABS M4 Kit Porsche Cup is a derivative of the successful...

Bosch Motorsport HA-P Hall Effect Speed Sensor

Hall effect sensor, mostly used for wheel speeds, especia...

Pipercross PP1951 Replacement Air Filter Ford Mustang 2014 onwards

Suits both 2.3L Ecoboost and the mighty 5.0L V8

Magneti Marelli MDU230 LCD Display Unit

The MDU 230 is a combined dashboard and input module for us...

TA Throttle Bodies IDA Style Single

The TA range of Throttle bodies are an ideal replacement ...

Pipercross PX300 Air Filter Box Style 115mm High

Designed for road and competition single carbs, the PX300 co...

Magneti Marelli MPDU Colour Dash Logging Display Unit with GPS

The MPDU is a combined dashboard, data logger and input modu...

Variohm VLP50 Linear Position Sensor

The toughest linear position sensor. Well proven in everythi...

TPAK8 TPS fitting kit EVO 8

This kit contains all the parts to fit a Mitsubishi Evo8 ...

Bosch Motorsport ABS M4 Clubsport Kit
Call for Price: +613-8743-5550

The ABS M4 kit is developed for the operation in front-, ...