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Chassissim V3.26 update released

Sticker 400 x 100 red bannerThe latest incarnation of Chassissim vehicle dynamics software includes many enhancements aimed at the relatively new field of electric and kinetic recovery vehicles as well as some added aerodynamic features.


ChassisSim v3.26 release

This incorporates the following:

    Multiple torque and regen maps for electric and IC. Note IC doesn't have fuel consumption maps

    Can select torque maps as a function of gear.

    FWD option added for KERS.

    Aero Side force now added.

    Offset now added for dampers and load in data logging.

    Marelli now has an ascii export function.

    AIM data export now enabled.

    ASCII tyre report viewer.

    Enhancements for aero features.

    Aero coefficients can be calculated by track replay.