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Ferrari 360 Challenge Logger Kits

The Ferrari 360 Challenge race car comes from the factory, with what was in it's day, a reasonably competent data logging system based around a Magneti Marelli MT940 display and a MicroDas data logger. However, this technology is now over a decade old and has fallen behind a bit.

The solution is to step up to the latest from Magneti Marelli with an easy plug and play solution.



The Magneti Marelli data logging system MT941/2 fitted to the Ferrari 360 challenge car dates back to the late 90s and by modern standards is lacking in all of the following areas:

Memory storage of only 1/2Mb

Channel acquisition frequency of 5hz or less.

Slow download time due to an RS232 interface

Locked configuration software makes modifications impossible.

Out of date and limited analysis software

No capability to assist the driver in finding a better lap time


More and more 360 challenge cars are now finding their way into GT racing where this logging system limitation is significant problem. The CAN based nature of the existing installation which links the Bosch ECU with the data logger and driver display means that only a 100% compatible system may be used to replace it. This is exactly what we have done using the latest Magneti Marelli range of data loggers and dash displays.

The conversion could not be simpler as it takes less than ten minutes to disconnect the old MT941/2 logger and replace it with a short adaptor cable and new logger. The Magneti Marelli SDL logger comes pre-programmed for 100% compatibility with the existing installation, just plug it in and start using these new features:

16Mb of memory

Higher acquisition rates on all channels (up to 1000Hz)

High speed Ethernet communications with any modern PC, lap top or tablet (Windowns compatible).

Advanced analysis software with full Windows 7 compliance

Full user control of all channels

Possible expansion up to 512 channels

25 channels acquired over the CAN bus

A further 16 analog channels for brake pressure, steering angle, etc.

Easy to use "Drag n Drop" Wintax 4 analysis software and Axon configuration software.

Automatic circuit mapping and high resolution "time line" for lap comparisons.

Maximum and minimum speeds on the dash to assist the driver

Real time predictive lap times on Advanced and Pro packages. 


  • The system is guaranteed 100% compatible with existing car hardware
  • The car must have the following components fitted and in serviceable order; MT914/131 CAN interface/MT940 dashboard/MT911 lateral G sensor/MT907 and MT906C lap timing beacon
  • All systems are covered by a 12 month return to factory warranty.
  • Delivery time 10 working days