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Big range of Honda ITB's from Jenvey

ckha05Honda's legendary VTEC range of engines continues to be a favourite of tuners around the world. Competition Systems stocks the entire range of Honda ITB kits from Jenvey including race kits for the mighty F20C.


ITB's and Vtec are made for one another

The combination of large airflow and easy intake length tunability make this the only option for outright performance. "Log manifolds" are too compromised in plenum size and airflow distribution.

The Race kits feature tapered throttle bodies and constant angle inlet geometry. This has the effect of gradually accelerating the incoming air for better top end performance while not sacrificing low rpm air speed for better mid range torque.

The Classic kits use the TB throttle bodies which are designed in the style of the DCOE Weber. These give great performance with easy tunability and long service life.

All of these kits include inlet manifold, throttle bodies, inlet rams and fuel rail.

Product Range

All available for shipping throughout Australia, New Zealand and Asia

CKHA01 - Honda B16 and B18C5 VTEC Race ITB Kits

Utilising four SF tapered 48mm throttle bodies, this kit offers outstanding top end performance without sacrificing mid range torque. Works great with CAT2501664/7/9 camshafts.



CKHA02 - Honda B18C1 and C4 non-VTEC Race ITB Kit

Similar to the CKHA01 but for the non-VTEC engines. Especially good for B20B conversions into CRX/Civic. 


CKHA03 - Honda B16 and B18C5 VTEC Classic ITB Kit

For a more traditional side draught look. This kit still packs an almighty punch and looks old skool kool as well. Easy setup and the ability to hold their synchronisation over a long period of time male these Classic kits popular on older retro cars, even daily drivers.


CKHA05 - Honda S2000 (F20C) VTEC Race ITB Kit

The awesome F20C gets even better with this all out ITB kit featuring 51mm tapered throttle bodies and straight flow path right onto the inlet valves. Perfect for competition applications.

CKHA05 002

CKHA07 - Honda K20A (EP3/DC5) iVTEC Race ITB Kit

The K20A is bascially the front wheel drive cousing of the F20C and features similar mid range and top end performance. Commonly used in Lotus Elise and Exige conversions, this engine responds well to a set of CAT cams and four big Jenvey tapered 51mm throttle bodies.

CKHA07 001

CKHA07-60 - Honda K20A (EP3/DC5) iVTEC Drag ITB Kit

This was originally a custom kit which received more attention than we first thought. Designed for outright top end performance, the drag kit uses four huge tapered 60mm throttle bodies and tapered carbon ram tubes.


CKHA08 - Honda K20A (FD2) iVTEC Race ITB Kit

This kit is the same as the CKHA07 except for the inlet manifold which is designed for the newer FD2 version as used in JDM Type R Civic and also homologated by Mugen Europe for many different racing series.


We also recommend;

Magneti Marelli PF2C Throttle Position Sensor

High quality throttle position sensor with damped wiper for noise free operation. ITB tuning is heavily reliant on throttle position for calculating load and a poor quality TPS makes accurate tuning impossible. This sensor also needs the TPAK5 billet alloy adaptor for installation.

IWP043 Pico Fuel Injectors

High performance, stainless steel construction, four hole spray patter for better atomisation, 330cc/min at 3bar supports up to 260HP or 340HP at 5bar fuel pressure.

IWP189 Pico Fuel Injectors

High performance, stainless steel construction, twelve hole spray patter for better atomisation, 510cc/min at 3bar supports up to 410HP or 520HP at 5bar fuel pressure.

CLS1 throttle cable kit

Provides a fail safe spring return setup as well as a high quality throttle cable and linkages, LBO1 adaptor bracket is also required for this application.

Pipercross PXC6200RH

Highly recommended for this engine as the inlet faces to the rear of the engine bay and tends to only pick up very hot air (70C+). Don't let all of your hard work and money go to waste, make sure it's fed nothing but cold air with this Pipercross kit.