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Bosch Motorsport Bosch Motorsport Battery Charger C7, 12 & 24V A very clever one touch smart battery charger that does it all. Deep cycle, trickle or even boost fu.. Product #: BOS018999907M Regular price: $189.00 $189.00

Bosch Motorsport Battery Charger C7, 12 & 24V

Product Code: BOS018999907M
Weight: 1.00kg
Dimensions: 20.00cm x 10.00cm x 5.00cm

Price: $189.00

Keeps your battery in top form

The smart 7.0 amp 12V and 3.5 amp 24V battery charger can save you money and benefit the environment by maintaining or reviving the battery and avoiding premature battery failure. The charger features 6 charging modes including back-up mode, for constant supply while changing your battery, and regeneration mode for reviving deeply discharged batteries. 

C7 Battery Charging Modes

Depending on the voltage of the battery you have connected to the charger, the Bosch C7 Battery Charger will let you choose one of 6 charging modes:

Mode 1: 12V - charging of cars / motorcycles

Mode 2: 12V - charging - winter / AGM

Mode 3: 12V - back-up mode

Mode 4: 12V - regeneration mode

Mode 5: 24V - charging of trucks / buses

Mode 6: 24V - charging - winter / AGM

Includes wall mount bracket for convenient placement of the charger while in use or storage.

Charger Protection Functions

The charger switches to standby mode in the following abnormal situations:

- Battery charging process > 41 hours.

- Regeneration process > 7 hours.

- Remaining battery voltage < 7.5V (12V batteries).

- Remaining battery voltage < 16V (24V batteries).

- Open circuit (no battery or only one pole connected to charger).

- Reverse polarity (the DC cables from the charger are incorrectly connected to the battery).

- Overheating Protection (if the unit becomes excessively hot during charging, the output power is automatically reduced to avoid damage to the charger).

- Suits 12V & 24V batteries 
- LED status indicators 
- Includes mounting bracket and fused aligator clamps 
- 6x different charging modes 
- Battery protection function 
- Internal overheat protection function 
- Ideal for long term battery maintenance or recovering battery from temporary deep discharge

Battery Types: Lead-acid, AGM, WET, GEL and open VRLA batteries.

Battery Capacities: 12V: 14Ah-230Ah and 24V: 14Ah-120Ah

Battery Applications: Passenger cars, Classic cars, Motorcycles, Boats, Jet Skis, Campers, Agricultural Equipment, Buses and Trucks.

Certified to Australian electrical safety standards.

- Universal application

- Suitable for Motorsport: Race cars, Classic cars, Motorcycles, Boats, Jet Skis, etc.

- Battery Types: Lead-acid, AGM, WET, GEL and open VRLA batteries.

- Battery Capacities: 12V: 14Ah-230Ah and 24V: 14Ah-120Ah