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Brand: Chassissim
Availability: 7 Days
Call for Price: +613-8743-5550

With ChassisSim Professional Online you get access to the transient simulation tools that are used by race engineering professionals. You can predict lap times, generate your own track maps including bump profiles and use the tyre force modelling toolbox to truly understand what your tyres are doing.

ChassisSim Professional Online is the perfect tool if you are a race engineer working on a limited budget. ChassisSim Professional Online can also be used by the club racer provided they have good data and the time to learn and master simulation.

For $5 per simulation you have access to the same tools used by the big race teams.

ChassisSim Professional Online only works on a PC that uses Windows XP and above. Also to run the simulations you need an internet connection.




Full transient lap time simulation

Circuit modelling

Auto bump generation

Tyre force modelling with temperature modelling

Aero modelling

Damper setup optimisation

7 post rig simulation

KERS and electric vehicle modelling

Multiple lap open loop simulation

Latest version of Chassissim Elite Online with login details

100 simulation credits

Access to Chassissim tutorial videos.