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Product Code: IGN1A
Availability: 7 Days
Weight: 0.25kg
Dimensions: 8.00cm x 8.00cm x 3.00cm

Price: $165.00

IGN1A IGBT Coils have a 19 amp IGBT ignitor built in and can be driven with a 5 volt logic level output Normally, we use them for a distributorless ignition as a coil per plug application, however they can be fired sequentially or every crank revolution (wasted spark coil per plug). If used as a single coil with a distributor, you may need to run a bit less dwell to prevent heat buildup from being an issue.  Maximum recommended duty cycle is 40%.

The coil dwell starts when a 5 volt signal is applied to pin A and the coil fires when the voltage drops to zero. The signal is similar to an LSx coil, although it does need a bit more current to trigger.

Minimum voltage output (no load, at recommended dwell): 40,000 volts

Output energy: 103 mJ

Spark duration: 2.9 ms

Primary resistance: 0.5 ohms

Primary inductance: 4.8 mH

Secondary resistance: 8,500 ohms

Secondary inductance: 22.5 H

Turns ratio: 71.1

Maximum current: 19 amps

Maximum battery voltage: 17 volts

Nominal dwell: 3.0 ms

Maximum Continuous Duty Cycle: 40%



Wire Size

A Ignition Signal 20-24AWG
B Signal Ground 20-24AWG
C Spark Wire Ground (Connect to Cylinder Head)  16-20AWG
D Power Ground (VBATT GND) 16-20AWG
E 12V Power Supply (VBATT Key) 16-20AWG

Connector Housing: UTC12162825

Terminals: UTC12124075 (16-20AWG) or UTC12124076 (20-24AWG)

Care must be taken with power supply due to the high current these units can pull. Some OEM wiring may not be capable of maintaining this and we recommend 16AWG M22759/32 wire for the most reliable solution.