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Brand: HP Electronik
Product Code: HP8441
Availability: 7 Days
Weight: 0.50kg
Dimensions: 20.00cm x 10.00cm x 8.00cm

Price: $2,700.01

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* Powerbox Colour:

Powerbox is a powerunit that makes fuses and relays unnessasary in your car.

The Powerbox replaces conventional fuses and relais, instead all power is controlled by this device.

Just type in the "fuse" size on each channel, link the input to an output function and you are ready to go.

The Box has a userfreindly CAN interface, this makes it possible to link to other devices such as ECU, Switch Panel, Dash board, this feature makes the outputs to be operated automaticly example - when you crank the engine the fuelpumpe starts, when engine is running the powersteering starts automaticly.

CAN Values and status of channels can also be sendt out on the CAN system, this could be for logging purpose or for switching on Led's on the switchpanel, sending messages to the Dash ect.

The Powerbox has also some flash functions, making external relais for indicator unnessasary.

THe HP8441 is the same as the excisting HP8440 the change is thats it´s with AMP AMPseal Connectors, the Maximum current of these connectors is rated to 17A per Pin, we have 5 double pinned channels meaning you can load 34A - I practical we have tested the load to be as high as 35A per pin without problem.

We have made 2 more fratures in HP8441 sompared with HP8440 it´s the following:

Output 6 & 14 has a wiper parking function, this means that the motor wil be grounded on these pins when both of them are not actice, resulting the Wipermotor to break.

We have made a Ignition Input, and a fused 0.5A output, Is´s then possible to put the HP8441 on Sleep mode with a Current

consumption of only some few Micro Ampere.

Software for PC and Firmware is the same as HP8840 only the connecots are the big difference.

Also keep in mind - our software is free - download it, get our own configuration files and try to understand this fantastic unit. If you need help or have questions Please contact us.

Your success is our success.

Kind regards

Hans Hartmann Petersen


"the man behind the Powerbox"

Maximum 180 Ampere continuous

34 individually programmable output channels.

Wiper parking feature

Ignition Input for sleep mode

Operated by 11 conventional, 32 CAN channels and by 20 virtual channels, controlling each of the 34 output channels individually.

Any combination of input and output channels can be selected

Easy creation of logic switching using virtual input channels

Dedicated diagnostics section

Automatic shut-down of selectable output channels at low  battery voltage threshold

CAN switching can be controlled by switch panels,  engine management system, data logger unit, etc

5 programmable overriding ash functions

Programmable “Low Battery” power conservation setting

Engine Start strategy ensures maximum cranking speed

All inputs, outputs and functions can be named individually

Channel status, current draw and real time diagnostics exported  via CAN

Channel setup by PC software and USB link

Diagnostic status displays open circuit, short circuit or overload


Our Controllers have been sold to many different clients here is some examples:  

-  Le Mans LMP1 (Audi), R12, R15, R18

-  ALMS winning Porsche RS Spyder’s

-  Ferrari 458 Gt2

- Pagani Zonda R

-  WTCC, Honda Accord S2000

- Rally Cross Cars

- Marklund Motorsport VW Polo

- Bombardier Train

- More than 10000 units in service

- Scania Door Controllers for Busses

Technical Manual

2014 Ver4.0


Pinout V0.5

Pin Configuration explaining the pinout of the box


USB Pinout

Explains the USB connection to your laptop