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Competition Systems AMP Jnr Timer 2 Pin Female 827551-3 This is one of the most widely use EFI connectors of all time and is used on many injectors and sens.. Product #: AMP827551-3 Regular price: $2.75 $2.75

AMP Jnr Timer 2 Pin Female 827551-3

Product Code: AMP827551-3
Weight: 0.05kg
Dimensions: 5.00cm x 5.00cm x 2.00cm

Price: $2.75

Connector System: Wire to wire or Wire to 

Connector Style: Housing for female connectors

Sealable: Yes (Use MA47-12BK or AMP Superseal silicone seals)

Primary locking feature: Wire lock on housing

Number of terminals: 2

Body material: Black PA GF

Mating tab width: 2.8mm (AMP925590-3)