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Competition Systems

Competition Systems
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RF40 ABS Wheel Sensor Kit

Used for fitting Bosch ABS M5 systems to all Roaring Forty GT40 replicas with the later uprights.


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Mugen-Honda MF204B Pro Spec Engine Harness

Pro spec replacement engine harness for 96-99 Mugen-Honda MF204B Formula 3 engines.


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Compsystems IR Ride Height Sensors

Non contact distance sensor perfect for measuring ride height on competition vehicles.


Compsystems Tri Axial Accelerometer 5G

High performance tri axial accelerometer with 0-5V analog output and +/-5g.


Compsystems Yaw rate sensor 150 Deg/sec

High performance yaw rate sensor with 0-5V analog output and +/- 150 degrees per second range


Compsystems Pro-Spec Flat Change Gear Knob

Pro spec flat shift system with strain gauge gear knob and bi directional shift sensing for upshift cut and down shift blip.


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Compsystems Turbo Speed Sensor

These turbo speed sensors dro pstraight into Borg Warner EFR turbo range and are perfect for measuring dynamic speed to see if you're in the sweet spot of the compressor map.


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Compsystems Pro Spec Emtron Ethernet Cable

Suits Emtron SL and KV series ECU's. Made with CAT5e cable and DR150 heatsrhink for extra protection with a 5 pin Lemo connector. Used to download data and access the ECU for tuning.


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Emtron Panel Mount Ethernet Connector

Panel mount Lemo connector pre terminated with AMP Superseal 1.0 terminals. Directly connects to your Emtron SL or KV series ECU connector. 

Please specify length when ordering.


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