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Brand: Variohm
Product Code: VTP11
Availability: 7 Days
Weight: 0.10kg
Dimensions: 5.00cm x 5.00cm x 5.00cm

Price: $176.00

Available Options

* Sensor connector options:

Variohm’s conductive plastic track and multiple fingered wiper assembly has been designed to maintain full sensing contact even in the most arduous shock and vibration conditions. With a 97° measuring range and 5 kΩ throttle range resistance value from a 5…24 VDC input,
the VTP11 will suit a wide variety of motorsports and specialist vehicle positon sensing applications including throttle, steering angle, suspension and sequential gearbox.

• Simple flange mounting with 8mm 'D' through-hole drive
• Conductive plastic track for durability
• Multi fingered wipers for excellent contact under vibration

• Long life - 5 x 106 cycles
• Sealed to IP66
• Wide temperature range

Equivalent to Jenvey TP11, can also be used in palce of Jenvey TP1 or TP8

Construction Conductive Plastic Track with multi fingered wipers, ensuring excellent contact under vibration
Life expectancy 5 x 106 cycles
Mechanical rotation 112° max
Electrical rotation 97° +/- 3°
Supply voltage 5...24 VDC
Resistance Value 5 kΩ +/-20%
Environmental sealing IP66
Temperature range -25 to +125 ºC (Peaks of 150 ºC for 15 mins)
Connector options Various options available
Housing material Glass-filled PBT
Cable type 1-core silicone wire, 20 AWG 256/0.05 copper conductor, O/D: 2.7mm, 3A 1.5kV (208 mm long)