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Competition Systems - EFI distributors

EFI Distributors

A range of electronic distributors designed for retro fitting EFI to older engines.

These have no mechanical nor vacuum advance and rely on the engine management system for timing control.

Housings and shafts are manufactured in house at Competition Systems with other components (i.e. distributor caps, rotors, sensor) from Bosch.

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Renault Gordini AxK EFI Distributor

Suits Renault Gordini models as well as some Lotus models like the Europa.

Enables fully sequential injection and igniton control and works well with our Emtron SL ECU's and Heritage DCOE throttle bodies.


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Jaguar XK6 EFI Distributor

EFI retrofit distributor that is the perfect companion for our Heritage DCOE throttle bodies. Allows fully sequential ignition and injection control on Jaguar XKE engine as found in many models including the E-Type and XJ6.


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Jaguar V12 EFI Distributor

EFI Distributor for use with our Jenvey V12 throttle body intake and Emtron KV12 ECU.

Enables full sequential control of injection and ignition and also allows the use of dual coil packs, similar to the later style. This also fits under the Jenvey cross ram ITB manifold kit CKJR04


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