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Mazda MX5 Camshafts from Cat Cams

MX5fit18The Mazda MX5 has become one of the most popular sports racing cars of all time and can be found in club and national level competition. This range of camshafts and valve train products from Cat Cams is a great addition to your track or road car project.


Why Cat Cams?

Cat Cams from Belgium have been producing superior quality camshafts for Europes top tuning houses for many years. All camshafts are manufactured from new billets using state of the art multi axis CNC machines, allowing for a bigger range of grinds than normal.



These camshafts combine good idle quality with superior top end and mid range performance. They also work well with the standard valve train components.

MX5 NA 1.6L B6 engine


Good idle with improved mid range and top end. Works well with stock valve train. Requires ECU programming for best results.


More duration + more lift = more fun. A hot street/mild track camshaft set that can be used with stock valve train components and works well with our Jenvey throttle body kits (CKMZ03). Requires ECU reprogramming for best results.

MX5 NA/NB 1.8L BP engine


Slightly rougher idle with good mid range and top end response.


Track day camshaft with much improved mid range and top end. Works well with Jenvey ITB kit CKMZ01 (NB) or CKMZ02 (NA)


For the serious competitor, we have a range of camshafts with wilder specifications. These camshafts are for serious race engines and require the replacement of at least the valve springs and in some cases the retainers as well. Contact us for more details.