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Race Keeper On Board Video Data Systems

Race-Keeper is a video data system which combines the power of stunning video with automatically synced data in one easy-to-use video data system. Race-Keeper is available in different kits: Race-Keeper HE (Harsh Environment), Race-Keeper Black (slimline aluminum), and Race-Keeper HDX2, the world's first and only multi-camera HD 1080p video data logger.

Coupled with Race-Keeper Comparo side-by-side analysis software and predictive timing in-car dash display, Race-Keeper is the most powerful, competitively priced driver development tool available for racers of all stages of development, from track day enthusiast to professional teams.



Three main products make up the Race Keeper range

Race Keeper Black

Everything you need for video and data, right out of the a waterproof, dust-proof, super-heat tolerant ribbed, machined aluminum enclosure.


Race Keeper HE (Harsh Environment)

Siilar in spec to the Black, but in an even tougher housing with extra heat and vibration proofing.

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Race Keeper HDX2 (High Def 1080P)

 HDX2 is the world’s first multi-camera 1080p HD video data logger with an even faster 20hz GPS engine.



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