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HP Electronik

HP ELECTRONIK A/S was founded by Hans Hartmann Petersen the 10/10-1984

Our Company has many skills - We makes electronic controllers for many different areas, we have our own inhouse SMT production.

We produce and develope electronic for Busses, Trains, Racing Cars, Laundry systems, Ventilation, Handicap vehicles and industrial.

To have the production "in house" gives us the full control over the quality, we makes the products from idea to box, including hardware, software and box building. Software for the embedded part (CPU) and the operational software installed is also one of our working skills.

Our Racing department gives us a excelent possibility to test and be in front with the features, we understand the need for the Driver and Team to perform maximum, how to win and to be the best.

We have been in racing business since 2001 - We have won many titles with our racing department - The STCC races, ETCC 3 years in a row, Nordic Championchips races and a lot more.

Our daughter Company Ferro Doors A/S - located in Vejle - DK is a leading manufactorer of door systems for Trains and Busses around the whole Europe, and also they have equipment rolling as far as far East and Australia - The Company was founded in 1948 - HP Electronik has been supplier to them since 1984 - in 2011 we took over this Company.

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HP8440 Powerbox Power Distribution Module

The original and still the best motorsport Power Distribution Module (PDM) on the market. Able to handle up to 200 amps continuously across 34 outputs (18 high power, 16 low power).


HP8441 Powerbox Power Distribution Module

The simplest way to distribute the electric power in your motorsport vehicle. Make relays and fuses redundant and add simplicity and functionality to any 12V electrical wiring system.


HP8480 Intelligent Master Switch

The main function is a high power battery switch designed for current up to 1000A. The high current is
achieved by connecting 9 or 18 (depending on model) Power MOSFET, each specified to handle 250
ampere, transistors in parallel.
Additional features:
a) A low loss current sensor monitors if the battery is charged or discharged.
Both available as signal on CAN bus, and output for driving “Discharging” warning light.
b) Low power output for driving “Rain light” (independent of main switch).
c) Electronic current limit on low power outputs.
Switch Off if current above 10A for more than 1 second.
Automatic reset (switch On) after 20 seconds.
d) Temperature sensor.
e) Automatic switch to PowerDown mode after 30 seconds with Main-Switch off.
Only input 1..4 and Light output may be used then HP8480 is in Power down.


HP9642 Membrane Switch Panel

The membrane panel is a supplement to the well known Powerbox. This switch panel simplifies race car wiring by only requiring two CAN bus wires and power to operate.