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Harness Protection

Harness Protection

A range of heatshrink tubing, sleeving and tapes to protect your harness

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Hellerman Tyton SE28 Diesel Resistant Heatshrink

SE28 is used for long-term protection of cables and wire harnesses in military equipment, motor sports and aviation.


Hellermann Tyon MA47 Adhesive Lined Medium Wall Heatshrink

MA47 heat shrink tubing is ideally used for insulation and protection of low voltage cable joints and terminations above and below the ground. They have a shrink ratio of 4:1 and are made of polyolefin, cross-linked (PO-X) material.

Supplied in 1m lengths.


Tesa 51026 Cloth Harness Tape

PET cloth wiring harness tape for extra abrasion  and high temperature resistance.


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