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TPMS and Tyre Temperature Sensors

Tyre Management

Tyre management sensors such as the Digityre Lite TPMS system and Texense INFKL Infra Red tyre temperature sensors all now in stock in Australia.

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BF1 Digityre Lite 4 channel Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

This mid level 4 channel TPMS kit is aimed at the teams who want a TPMS to allow them to analyse their tyre pressures and temperatures, and alert them if they suffer a pressure loss. The 4 channel configuration of this system means that up to 100 sensors can be used with the system, and the ECU is able to automatically detect which sensor is fitted to each corner of the car, with no manual positioning of sensors to corners of the car by the user.


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BF1 Digityre Lite Tyre Pressure Monitoring System F458GT3

Complete Tyre Pressure Monitoring System developed specifically for the Ferrari F458GT3


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BF1 Digityre TPMS ASC Valve Service Kit

Contains a replacement valve stem, cap, sealing washers and bolt. Due to the nature of the attachment bolt, these should not be reused once removed from a wheel.


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BF1 Digityre Tyre Pressure Monitoring System GT3 Kit (TPMS)

The bf1 systems Digityre Lite Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) is the only choice for providing reliable, accurate tyre data in demanding motorsport conditions. This kit is used by many successful GTE and GT3 teams sicne 2012 and is now also used by V8 Supercar for it's COTF design.


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BF1 Systems Digityre Lite TPMS Antenna

BF1 TPMS antenna for use with the Digityre Lite Tyre Pressure Monitoring System


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BF1 Systems TPMS Sensor

BF1 TPMS wheel sensor with 25mbar resolution.


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BF1 TPMS Garage Montoring Kit

BF1systems new Garage Monitoring System allows teams to monitor the status of up to 240 tyres in and around the garage area at once.

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Texense 4 Channel Flexible Tyre Temperature Sensor

The ultimate in tyre surface temperature technology from Texense. This 4 channel flexible sensor moulds to the shape of your inner guards and can measure right across the tread width.


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Texense Infra Red Temp Sensor 200Deg C

This tiny infra red sensor is perfect for tyre temperature measurement in all forms of motorsport from GT3 to bikes. 0-200Deg C measurement range and a linear 0-5V output make it easy to set up with any data logger.