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BF1 Systems

Competition Systems - BF1 Systems

BF1systems, founded in 1994, is a market leading provider of electrical, electronic & composite solutions to clients within the Motorsport, Automotive, Aerospace and Sports Industries.

BF1systems components are featured on World Championship winning vehicles in all top level motorsport disciplines including F1™, GT Series, Indycar, World Rally & Moto GP.

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BF1 Systems TPMS Sensor

BF1 TPMS wheel sensor with 25mbar resolution.


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BF1 Digityre Tyre Pressure Monitoring System GT3 Kit (TPMS)

The bf1 systems Digityre Lite Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) is the only choice for providing reliable, accurate tyre data in demanding motorsport conditions. This kit is used by many successful GTE and GT3 teams sicne 2012 and is now also used by V8 Supercar for it's COTF design.


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BF1 Digityre Lite Tyre Pressure Monitoring System F458GT3

Complete Tyre Pressure Monitoring System developed specifically for the Ferrari F458GT3


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