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Wintax 4 for 2014

Wintax4 2012 PRO 001We've been using Wintax 4 since it first made an appearance nearly a decade ago and it just keeps getting better. Now with even more features and the added innovation of The Lap Time Club, Wintax4 brings a refreshingly open attitude to motorsport software.


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Race Keeper On Board Video Data Systems

Race-Keeper is a video data system which combines the power of stunning video with automatically synced data in one easy-to-use video data system. Race-Keeper is available in different kits: Race-Keeper HE (Harsh Environment), Race-Keeper Black (slimline aluminum), and Race-Keeper HDX2, the world's first and only multi-camera HD 1080p video data logger.

Coupled with Race-Keeper Comparo side-by-side analysis software and predictive timing in-car dash display, Race-Keeper is the most powerful, competitively priced driver development tool available for racers of all stages of development, from track day enthusiast to professional teams.


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