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Magneti Marelli MDU220 LCD Display Unit

Product Code: MDU220
Weight: 0.30kg
Dimensions: 30.00cm x 20.00cm x 10.00cm

Price: $2,860.00

The compact dimensions of the MDU 220 make it particularly suitable for motorbike applications. The advanced features of the LCD also make this product suitable for car applications.

The MDU 220 is equipped with a comprehensive range of analogue and digital inputs. The graphical bar indicator is typically used for representing engine revs. An additional two fields are available to display gear number and lap number. Four further fields have configurable labels, one of which
permits the user to scroll a list of channels with a button. A final field allows the display the lap time, or an alarm (with associated text label) or for displaying user configured text messages.

As part of the Magneti Marelli data acquisition and telemetry system, the MDU 220 can communicate over a CAN network with a range of data loggers receiving and displaying data from the logger as well functioning as an additional input module.

• Visible area LCD 164 x 67.5 mm
• On display is shown: bar graph, gear number, speed, lap time, best lap, lap number
• 2 push-button on the front panel for page and bar graph selection, temporary alarm disable, brightness regulation
• 6 high-brightness warning lights green/yellow/red for gear change (with programmable threshold for each gear)
• 2 high-brightness warning blue leds and 4 RGB programmable leds for general alarm
• 6 Single-ended
• 3 Pick-ups or Hall effect
• 2 Temperature
• 2 Lap Triggers
• 1 Internal 3 Axial accelerometer

• Bar graph with 2 configurable non-linear scale, manually selectable or automatically swapped by condition
• Available 8 brightness steps for backlight regulation
• Alarm channels with programmable thresholds and linkable to leds
• Inputs configurable to suit all sensors in the product range
• 1 outputs for external warning lamps
• Transmit internal inputs and channels over CAN bus
• Easy to use and configure
• Designed for rugged applications