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Jaguar XK 6 Heritage Throttle Body Kit

Brand: Jenvey
Product Code: CKJR05TD
Weight: 10.00kg
Dimensions: 60.00cm x 30.00cm x 40.00cm

Price: $6,475.00

The Jenvey Jaguar straight 6 manifold has been designed to suit both the series 1 3.8L & 4.2L engines and the series 2 4.2L engine.

The Water manifold suits the series 1 4.2L thermostat housing and thermostat, and includes a heater outlet.

The TD and TH kit include manifold, throttle bodies, fuel rail, air horns and linkages.

This manifold has been designed to suit our DCOE Heritage and standard throttle bodies.

The manifold includes underneath take off for ECU water temp, dashboard water temp & spare undrilled water feature boss.

The throttle body kit includes manifold and water pipe, throttle bodies, linkages, air horns and fuel rails.