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Competition Systems Temperature Sensors


Air, oil, fuel and water temperature sensors as well as infra red/non-contact sensor for tyre tread or brake disc monitoring.

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Compsystems Air Temp Sensor - Fast Acting

With an exposed fast response element sensor protected by a four window cage, this air temp sensor reacts quicker than most closed bulb types around.


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Compsystems TCK Thermocouple Sensor 3X35mm

Thermocouple Sensor, Type K, 35mm x 3mm, 2000mm Stainless Lead, 1100C for Exhaust temperatures


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Magneti Marelli ATS04 Air Temperature Sensor

The ATS04 / 05 / 07 are analogue sensors with a temperature dependant resistor providing a variable resistance across the 2 contacts.
Signal is negative temperature coefficient (NTC). Active device is a thermistor fitted coated leads in a hermetically sealed brass / ABS housing.


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Emtron 250 Open Ended Race Thermocouple

Emtron is proud to offer the race edition of our open ended 250thou thermocouple.  EGTs are designed to monitor exhaust gas temperature and are useful in monitoring engine health and for tuning individual cylinders.   


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Emtron Thermocouple CAN Module - Four Channel

Emtron CAN based thermocouple module allows for up to 4 channels of thermocouple data to be send via CAN back to the ECU. This data can be used to trim individual cylinders or to monitor other components in high temperature environments. The module is made billet aluminium, DR25 covered tefzel and terminated to DT connectors ensuring reliability in the most extreme motorsport environments.


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Emtron Thermocouple CAN Module - Eight Channel

The ETC8M is a Mil Spec 8 Channel Thermocouple to CAN
device using the Motorsport proven Deutsch Autosport
The enclosure is made from billet 6061 aluminium and is
water proof to allow for implementation in extreme


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Magneti Marelli MAP/Air Temp Sensor PRT05A

Combined manifold pressure and air temp sensor, mostly used in pre-2005 Ducati EFI models.


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Magneti Marelli WTS05 Fluid Temperature Sensor

The WTS05 is a rugged, low cost fluid temperature sensor with an NTC type element and 2 pin Junior Timer connector.


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