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Bosch 3 channel Ignition module BIM203

Product Code: BOS0227100203
Weight: 0.10kg
Dimensions: 10.00cm x 5.00cm x 2.00cm

Price: $367.50

This module is an external ignition power stage capable of supplying up to four non-transistorized ignition coils. The IM input signal should be supplied by an ECU with ignition signal outputs in the range of 10 to 20 mA, e.g. MS 4 Sport. The IM unit combines the robustness of a high quality production part with good electrical performance to provide an ideal solution for adapting non-transistorized coils to an ECU without internal ignition driver stages.

  • - 3 Channel power transistor module
    - 7-pin Jetronic connector
    - Use mating connector kit AMP827580-1
    - OE quality and performance