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Chassissim Release V3.43
17 Jan 2024 04:39Chassissim Release V3.43

The latest in full transient vehicle dynamics software now includes innovations such as used tyre energy and improvements to the seven post shaker rig.

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Nitron Suspension Kits for road or track.
30 Mar 2023 23:27Nitron Suspension Kits for road or track.

Nitron Dampers are a great option for road track or the serious motorsport competitor. Available in either R1 (two way) or R3 (three way) spec, they are also available as whole car kits including springs, strut tops and mounting hardware. Hand built in the UK, these are completely serviceable and very reliable.

New Products
Classic Throttle Alfa Twin Cam
03 Mar 2023 04:32

The Alfa Twin Cam is one of those classic engines that was the mainstay of Alfa Romeo for decades. The Busso designed engine is most popular in it's 2 litre format as found in various GTV 9105 and 166 series) and Giuletta models although it was made in sizes from 1.2 up to 2.1L The two litre version had a 84mm bore/88.5mm stroke and is the most popular with many smaller capacity engines converte [ ... ]

New Products