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Quick Shift with Nemesis TCS

N8050Quick shift technology is a fundamental part of the traction control system. Most systems on the market are able to cut the coils. But what is missing from these is the ability to re-apply the power after the shift in a progressive way. This kind of control is normally only found on professional superbike electronics but we have built this into the Nemesis-TCS system.


Quick shift input 

Primarily the user is able to choose a cut time as with any other system, but after the cut the user can choose to retard the ignition by a programmable amount and then ramp back the retard over a programmable period until full power is restored.

Why is this necessary?

Quick shifters work by reducing the engine power sufficiently so all of the backlash in the transmission is reversed, this short period when the engine is not driving the back wheels takes the pressure of the gearbox internals and permits the shift.
But when the power comes back on the engine very rapidly takes up this backlash in the forward direction, the revs rise and are suddenly halted when all backlash is taken up. This abrupt shock is carried through to the back wheel via the chain and can initiate a slide.
By making a power reduction using ignition retard after the shift this initial shock is reduced and power is re-applied in a more gradual and controlled way. Although the slide would be caught by the TCS anyway it makes no sense create unnecessary work or correction, when all you really want is a smooth and controlled acceleration out of the corner.

Do I have to use the ignition retard?

No, you can choose any of the following:
  • Cut only
  • Retard only
  • Cut + retard ramp
  • Retard + retard ramp

What quick shifter hardware can I use?

The system is triggered by the input signal being pulled to ground, so any switch type system is able to do this can be used. For users who wish to use alternative powered systems we have provided a 12v feed on the 3-way shifter connector (most models).

Set up and configuration


The TCS system is able to use any external quick shifter system that is able to provide a ‘short to ground’ output signal, or a signal that is normally closed with ground but goes open circuit when pressed.


From the upper menu select Edit, followed by TC Setup to locate the throttle setting.


Within the Win-TC software you can choose to have

-Cut only
-Retard only
-Cut and retard


Cut / Retard time

If Cut mode is selected the ignition is cut for duration chosen by the user.
1) 40msec
2) 45msec
3) 50msec
4) 55msec
5) 60msec
6) 65msec - Default
7) 70msec
8) 75msec


The cut starts as soon as the signal is seen from the shifter system. Further shifts are inhibited for 300msec after the end of the preceding shift.