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Holden Six 12 Port Head Heritage ITB Kit

Brand: Jenvey
Product Code: 94-109H
Weight: 10.00kg
Dimensions: 50.00cm x 45.00cm x 30.00cm
Call for Price: +613-8743-5550

Available Options

TBP Throttle sizes:

Suits all Holden Blue and Black 6 cylinder engines with the 12 port head. Or Red motors that have been retrofitted with the 12 port head. Comes with 45mm Heritage series throttle bodies which are capable of supporting nearly 400HP. 48mm can be ordered at no extra cost, which will raise the limit to approx 450HP.

  • TDT45 DCOE Triple Set throttle bodies
  • 60mm long air horns
  • Fuel rails with -6JIC fittings.
  • Linkages
  • Bosch EV14 347cc Fuel Injectors
  • Contactless Throttle Position Sensor hidden in the fuel bowl.
General Motors Blue Motor 6
General Motors Black Motor 6