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Competition Systems - Emtron ELC2M Dual Lambda CAN Module

Product Code: EMELC2M
Weight: 0.50kg
Dimensions: 15.00cm x 10.00cm x 5.00cm

Price: $1,210.00

The ELC2M is a 2 channel LSU4.9 Sensor Lambda Control device compatible with all Emtron ECU’s. Bosch Integrated circuit technology is used for sensor control, Nernst Cell temperature measurement and PID algorithm for precise heater control. The device is connected via CAN bus and will be automatically detected which will significantly minimize configuration time. The enclosure is made from billet 6061 aluminium and is water proof to allow for implementation in extreme environments. Installation is made simple through use of a Motorsport proven Autosport connector system.

Sensor Required

  • Bosch LSU4.9. Supports Single or Dual Channel

Power Supply

  • Operating Voltage: 7.0 to 22.0 Volts DC
  • Operating Average Current: 3A at 14.0V
  • Operating Peak Current: 8A at 14.0V during sensor warm-up
  • Reverse Battery Protection


  • 64MHz 16-bit Automotive Processor
  • Resolution: 0.001 Lambda
  • Range: 0.580 Lambda to open air.
  • Signal sampling rate: 100 Hz
  • EMAP Pump Current Compensation


  • CAN Baud Rate: 250kBaud, 500kBaud or 1Mbaud Auto Detect
  • CAN transmit rate 100 Hz

Operating Temperature

  • Operating Temperature Range: -30 to 85°C (-22 to 185°F)