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Tyre Warmers

Tyre Warmers

A range of competition tyre warmers from ORECA including fully automatic temperature regulation and tough polyamide construction.

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Competition Tyre Warmers with Digital Control

Top end professional tyre warmers for use with the ORECA Digital Tyre Temperature Controller


Competition Tyre Warmer Set

Profressional tyre warmers with internal thermostats from RedSpec by ORECA


RedSpec Tyre Warmers with Thermostatic LED

RedSpec by ORECA Tyre warmer electric blankets. Brings tyres up to 80C and holds them there until your ready to hit the track.


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Competition Tyre Warmers with thermostatic LED control

Redspec by ORECA tyre warmers with thermostat control and an LED indicator to show when they have achieved the preset temperature.


Digital Tyre Temperature Controller from RedSpec by ORECA

Adjust tyre temperature on up to 4 individual tyre warmers separately.


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