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Racing Fuels

Racing Fuels

High performance racing fuels from ETS Race Fuels including Extra Max and MA3.

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ETS MA3 Moto Racing Fuel

ETS Racing Fuel 100MA-3 is a M.A. homologated fuel for use in Motocross and Supercross Racing.


ETS Extra Max 102RON Racing Fuel

The latest developement from ETS Racefuels. This fuel was developed due to a high demand for a good performance fuel at a low price. With its octane numbers and its high Oxygen content, EXTRA MAX will offer great performance. For Atmo and Turbo Engines.


ETS XPRO Drag 2 Drag Racing Fuel

The ETS Racing Fuel XPRODRAG 2 is a race fuel for dragster engines, same as the ETS Racing Fuel XPRODRAG 1, but with a better cooling effect and a reinforced octane number.

Available in 19lt and 53 lt Drums


ETS P14 Drag Racing Fuel

ETS Racing Fuel - P14 is a high octane leaded racing fuel, especially blended for natural aspirated engines and high compression ratio engines for drag racing. 

Available in 19 lt. and 53 lt. Drums



About Us
05 Aug 2014 23:57 - Competition Systems

Competition Systems is a full service provider of electronic systems for motorsport and high performance automotive applications.  With over a decade of experience in many different kinds of moto [ ... ]

Wiring Harness Design And Build
06 Aug 2014 00:09 - Competition SystemsWiring Harness Design And Build

Every aspect of our engine control and logging systems use the very best interconnection systems to ensure a long and trouble free life even under the harshest of testing conditions. Competition Syste [ ... ]

Engine Mapping and Dyno Tuning
06 Aug 2014 00:10 - Competition SystemsEngine Mapping and Dyno Tuning

Competition Systems offers a comprehensive custom dyno tuning service for all types of competition and road going vehicles. We are also available for "real world" fine tuning at the track.   &n [ ... ]

Data Analysis
06 Aug 2014 00:12 - Competition Systems

Data analysis can be a complex and specialist task which many racing organisations struggle to come to grips with. Competition Systems can supply one of our specially trained data analysis engineers t [ ... ]

Lap Simulation Services
06 Aug 2014 21:30 - Competition SystemsLap Simulation Services

Lap simulation has become the "must have" set up tool for professional racing teams around the globe. As Chassissim distributors, Competition Systems have been at the forefront of this new and excitin [ ... ]

Induction System Design
06 Aug 2014 21:34 - Competition SystemsInduction System Design

As distributors for Jenvey Dynamics, Competition Systems can design a complete custom induction for your specific needs.  

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