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Bosch Motorsport Bosch Motorsport FP165 High Flow Competition Fuel Pump Genuine Bosch Motorsport FP165 high flow fuel pumps. Can pump up to 205lph and reach pressures of up.. Product #: BOS0580254979 Regular price: $295.00 $295.00

Bosch Motorsport FP165 High Flow Competition Fuel Pump

Product Code: BOS0580254979
Weight: 1.00kg
Dimensions: 20.00cm x 6.00cm x 6.00cm

Price: $295.00

The FP165 is an inline roller cell pump for the installation outside or inside the fuel tank. It is capable of providing 205 l/h at 6 bar. Biofuel can be delivered up to E85 although this does shorten lifetime.

The FP165 is one of the most popular aftermarket fuel pumps especially at this price.


Fuel pressure up to 6 bar

Delivery rate at 5 bar and 22°C 205 ± 5 l/h at 14 V

Pressure limiting valve 12.5 bar rel.

Fuel compatibility E85

Operating temperature range -20 to 90°C

Storage temperature range -40 to 70°C

Max. vibration 3 mm at 10 to 18 Hz ≤40 m/s2 at 18 to 60 Hz

Mechanical Data

Diameter 60 mm

Length 168 mm

Weight 980 g

Mounting Clamping

Electrical Data

Supply voltage 6 to 16.5 V

Operating voltage 13.8 V

Load current at 5 bar and 22°C 11 ± 1 A


Surface coating None

Color Silver

Non-return valve External

Fuel filtering External, on pressure side

Connectors and Wires

Electrical connector +M4/-M5

Electrical matting connector With ring wire M4 and M5

Mechanical connector intake side M14x1.5

Mechanical connector pressure side M12x1.5


FP165 dwg

FP165 VvsA

FP165 VvsQ