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Jenvey Honda K20 EP3 - SF Taper throttle body kit Honda K20 EP3 ITB throttle body kit from Jenvey Dynamics.. Product #: CKHA07 Regular price: $2,775.00 $2,775.00

Honda K20 EP3 - SF Taper throttle body kit

Brand: Jenvey
Product Code: CKHA07
Weight: 5.00kg
Dimensions: 60.00cm x 50.00cm x 20.00cm
- MH07_WEB_ISS3.pdf

Price: $2,775.00

A kit for the Honda K20 EP3 engine which contains an inlet manifold, four 51mm tapered SF throttle bodies, levers, fuel rail and four tapered airhorns.

Standard Honda injectors will not fit, Bosch EV14 or Marelli IWP are recommended.

Water pump housing modification required. This engine is used in the Civic Type R. Made to order.

Kit includes

  • Four SF51/4.5/1 taper throttle bodies ( ITB's)
  • Jenvey Dynamics EFI inlet manifold
  • Fuel rail
  • Four 90mm long airhorns. 
Jenvey throttle bodies and all Jenvey throttle body accessories are engineered for Motorsport, offering excellent performance, reliability, lightness and value. This kit is ideal for road, track or rally use.
This kit is ideal for the Honda K20 EP3 shape cars like the Civic Type R. Modification of the water pump housing is required and the standard Honda injectors will need replacing with Bosch or Pico style.
Up to 2 weeks to dispatch.
Honda Civic Type R
Honda K20A
Honda Integra DC5