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Chevy LS1/2/6 Race Series SFD52 Throttle body kit

Brand: Jenvey
Product Code: CKCT01
Weight: 8.00kg
Dimensions: 60.00cm x 50.00cm x 30.00cm

Price: $5,450.00

Chevrolet LS1, LS2 and LS6 ITB throttle body kit from Jenvey Dynamics includes eight SFD52/0/0 throttle bodies with an operating wheel linkage, two EFI inlet manifolds,  two fuel rails and eight 60mm long airhorns. 

Jenvey Manifold (CT01)

Eight SFD52 race throttle bodies

Eight 60mm long aluminum trumpets


Fuel Rails (Suits Bosch std length injectors)

CKCT01 dyno

General Motors LS1
General Motors LS2
General Motors LS6