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Bosch Motorsport BR540 High Flow In Tank Fuel Pump

Product Code: BOSBR540
Weight: 0.60kg
Dimensions: 10.00cm x 5.00cm x 5.00cm

Price: $307.50

Highest flowing Bosch in-tank fuel pump available! Flows 460L/hr at 2.75bar (40psi) and an amazing 270L/hr at 10bar (145psi).

Requires secure installation inside fuel tank.

- Up to 460 l/h @ 40Psi (2.75bar)
- Up to 380 l/h @ 80Psi (5.5bar)
- An amazing 270l/h @ 145Psi (10.0bar)
- High flow all the way up to the 190Psi (13.0bar) Pressure Relief Valve setting
- 9.0mm (nom.) barbed outlet fitting suits rubber or nylon hose
- Light weight (550g) and Compact 46mm body size
- Includes electrical connector with wires
- Includes High flow filter
- Draws ~16A @ 40Psi (2.75bar), ~19A @ 80Psi (5.5bar), ~24A @ 145Psi (10.0bar)

BR540 flowchart

BR540 dwg

- This pump can draw in excess of 24 amps. High quality wire of the correct size must be used.

- Connector included in kit

BR540 pinout