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Microtec SRL Microtec M197 Ducati Engine Control Unit Injection and ignition control unit, specially designed for use on various Ducati models, replacing .. Product #: M197 Regular price: $1,475.00 $1,475.00

Microtec M197 Ducati Engine Control Unit

Brand: Microtec SRL
Product Code: M197
Weight: 1.00kg
Dimensions: 15.00cm x 10.00cm x 5.00cm

Price: $1,475.00

The heart of the system consists of the Power PC MPC5534 by Freescale that with the high speed of calculation supported by a system clock of 80MHz, ensures great performance.
The high level of parameters configuration makes this module easily adaptable to different conditions of use.

The unit comes with two basic maps already preloaded and adapted to the model which will be used.
The following models are fully supported:

Hypermotard 1100
Monster 400
Monster 620
Monster 695
Monster 750
Monster 800
Monster 900
Monster 1000
Monster S2R 800
Monster S2R 1000
Monster S4
Monster S4R
Multistrada 620
Multistrada 1000
Multistrada 1100
Superclassic GT1000
Superclassic Paulsmart 1000
Superclassic Sport 1000

Sport Touring ST2
Sport Touring ST3
Sport Touring ST4
Street Fighter 1098
Super Bike 749
Super Bike 848
Super Bike 998
Super Bike 999
Super Bike 1098
Super Bike 1098R
Super Bike 1198
Super Sport 620
Super Sport 750
Super Sport 800
Super Sport 900
Super Sport 1000

This unit is fully compatible with the original DUCATI dashbo-ard, and many other functions are available as options:
- High speed shift feature
- Auto mapping feature (adeguate lambda sensor required)
- Drop switch
- Data acquisition on CAN line
By means of an included adapter, the unit can be connected to an USB port of a common Windows PC.
A 3D Windows application, is designed for customize and moni-tor all the system paramenters.
The external BOX is constituted by a black plastic cover and an aluminum back.
Four fixing points are provided to permit a simple installation on the original DUCATI support

Dimension 125mm x 50mm x 40mm
Box Plastic with aluminum bottom
Main Connectors (Engine+Body) 2 x 38 ways
AUX Connector 1 x 8 ways AMP 040 Multilock
Weight 150gr
Analog 8
Digital 10
UEGO Lambda Sensor 1
NBEGO Lambda Sensor 2
Inductive Pickup 1
Wheel Speed 1
Temperature Water/Oil 1
Battery Level 1
Injector Driver 4
Coil Driver 2
Water Pump 1
Fan 1
Fuel Pump 1
Idle Valve 1
Light 1
CAN line 1Mbit/s (PC / Data Acquisition) 1
CAN line 125Kbit/s (Dashboard) 1
Working Range
Power Supply 8 - 18Vdc
Temperature -20 - +85°C