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Emtron Australia Emtron KV R35 GT-R Plugin ECU kit The Emtron R35 GT-R Plugin ECU is a replacement engine management system designed to be installed an.. Product #: EMKVR35GTR Regular price: $5,950.00 $5,950.00

Emtron KV R35 GT-R Plugin ECU kit

Product Code: EMKVR35GTR
Weight: 2.00kg
Dimensions: 30.00cm x 20.00cm x 10.00cm

Price: $5,950.00

The Nissan R35 GT-R's turbo control system and monitoring is different than many turbocharged cars. Commonly turbocharged engines have a common plenum that feeds all the engines cylinders. Each cylinder draws air from a common plenum. On the Nissan R35 GT-R one bank feeds one set of three cylinders(1-3) and the other turbo feeds the other three cylinders (4-6) via separated plenums. There is also a cross over balance pipe between the plenums.
To correctly calculate the fuelling requirements for each bank the ECU uses MAF Meter 1 (Bank 1) to control the fuelling on Cylinders 1-3 and MAF Meter 2 (Bank 2) to control the fuelling on Cylinders 4-6. There are also boost pressure sensors on each bank along with a single manifold pressure sensor on one bank. These pressure sensors allow for various calculations to be made by the ECU, offering a number methods to use for fuel calculations.
The Emtron R35 GT-R Plugin ECU is a replacement engine management system designed to be installed and integrate seamlessly with the vehicle, whilst also allowing extreme flexibility and control from the KV12 based ECU platform.

Some of the main requirements for the ECU that will be explained in more detail later are:
▪ Accurate air mass modelling which is extremely important to allow for various systems on the vehicle to function correctly.
▪ Nissan Transmission Control Module Integration (TCM) - The ECU must accurately calculate and perform torque requests assigned by the TCM for the drivetrain to function correctly and smoothly for all driving conditions. Limitations on the transmission torque capacity must also be considered and hence another reason why the torque supplied by the engine must be accurately metered.
▪ Launch Control – The TCM provides the ECU torque requests during a launch OFF mode and is able to place the ECU into launch mode where the Torque Limit is not requested, allowing the ECU to increase the launch limit through a raised engine speed limit and an ECU determined torque limit.
▪ Downshift Rev Matching - The ECU must accurately calculate and increase torque to smoothly match the engine RPM in the next gear on downshift. This is done by increasing the throttle mass flow (TMF) during the downshift event until the TCM is satisfied with the engine speed and torque levels.

▪ Nissan Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC) – This system employs an extremely complex system of vehicle sensors including wheel speed, steering angle, g-force and yaw which are used to generate various torque requests which the ECU must abide by accurately. This will not only achieve maximum vehicle performance, it is also a safety feature.

▪ KV12 ECU based platform.
o Dual 100MHz Processors
o 32MB ECU logging Memory
▪ Over 1000 channels available
▪ 1Hz to 500Hz logging rate
o Emtune Software for tuning and data analysis
o Dual Knock Control using digital filtering with Bosch technology
▪ 6061 Grade Aluminium CNC Billet Enclosure
▪ Fully compatible with all OEM systems and user programmable This includes:
o Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC ) using throttle torque reduction
o Transmission (TCM) Torque and Shift Management
o Torque Management Launch Control
▪ Compatible with all Emtron Proven Motorsport features
▪ Sequential Staged option available through OEM header
▪ Upgradeable to run the Emtron Fuel model through installation of a Flex Meter, Fuel Temperature and Fuel Pressure Sensor
▪ Input Expansion Capabilities through DTM connector
o 2x User Analog Volt Inputs (Fuel Temperature and Pressure)
o 1x User Digital Input (Flex Meter Input)

▪ CAN 2.0B Node 1: User CAN Bus for I/O expansion(Lambda, EGT)
▪ CAN 2.0B Node 2: 500k Baud Full CAN Bus OEM Integration
▪ High Speed Ethernet 100Mbps
Operating Temperature
▪ Operating Temperature Range: -30 to 125°C (-22 to 257°F)
▪ Enclosure Size 160 mm x 162 mm x 38 mm
▪ 890g

▪ GTR R35 Plug-in ECU
▪ Ethernet Communications Cable
▪ 12 way DTM to ELC Adapter Loom(120 Ohm CAN Termination resistors preinstalled)
▪ ELC2 Dual Channel Lambda to CAN controller – LSU4.9 version
▪ 2 x LSU4.9 Lambda Sensors
▪ 2 x LSU4.9 Sensor Extension Loom
▪ ECU Mounting Kit