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Emtron KV R32-R34 GTR Plug In ECU Kit

Product Code: EMKVR32GTR
Weight: 1.00kg
Dimensions: 20.00cm x 15.00cm x 10.00cm

Price: $3,245.00

The Nissan R32-R34 ECU is designed to be plugged into the OEM harness to allow for a true “Plug and Play” install. The system is based on the KV Series Motorsport ECU, so all the same features are available excluding any limitations based around the OEM connector system. An Expansion port is included giving access to unused Input channels. CAN Bus 1 is also available providing additional I/O expandability.

▪ KV8 ECU based platform.
o Dual 100MHz processors
o 32MB ECU logging memory
o Over 1000 logging channels available
o 1Hz to 500Hz logging rate
▪ Aluminium 6061 Grade CNC billet enclosure
▪ Compatible with all Emtron proven motorsport features(Launch Control, Rolling Launch, Anti-Lag, Traction Control)
▪ Upgradeable to run the Emtron fuel model through installation of a flex meter, fuel temperature and fuel pressure sensor
▪ Idle speed closed loop control using DBW with advanced Throttle Mass Flow (TMF) airflow calculations
▪ Knock control with high speed digital filtering for each cylinder using the OEM sensor with selectable centre frequency and bandwidth
▪ Pre-configured Calibration file loaded providing a comprehension tuning platform
▪ Input Expansion Capabilities through DTM connector
o 3x User Analog Volt Inputs (Fuel Temperature, Fuel Pressure, Inlet Temperature)
o 1x User Digital Input (Flex Meter Input and switch inputs)
o 2x User Analog Inputs
▪ Emtune software for tuning and data analysis

▪ CAN 2.0B Bus 1: User CAN Bus for I/O expansion (Lambda, EGT)
▪ High Speed Ethernet 100Mbps for tuning software connection
Operating Temperature
▪ Recommended operating range: -30 to 85°C (-22 to 185°F)
▪ Enclosure Size 160 mm x 162 mm x 38 mm
▪ 890g