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Magneti Marelli Engine Control

Magneti Marelli Engine Control

From the ubiquitous SRAE to the top end Marvel series, Marelli have been at the forefront of electronic engine control for decades with numerous championships such as Formula One, MotoGP and endurance sports car racing.

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Magneti Marelli SRAE Engine Control Unit

SRA-E is a dedicated Engine Control Unit. A single unit can drive up to eight injectors and six ignition coils. SRA-E can also drive logic command coils or dumb copils without the need for external ignitors (SW option).


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Magneti Marelli SRTE Engine Control Unit

SRT-E is an evolution of the SRA Engine Control Unit with greater input/output and communications capability in a smaller, tougher housing. It's the great all rounder for motorsport engine control.


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